Welcome to Merna Marine

we are offering the most comprehensive range of services tailored to your vessel's needs, our expert team is trained to focus on your requirements & understanding the importance of supplying the right item at the right time at the right price.

Who we are ?

We are Merna Marine Supplier Company .

we are specialist in Suppliers Boats and bunker barges .

And the Mediterranean and red sea witness on our services and our Work in supply any equipment for offshore Oil rigs.

And we Generation Suppliers Boats to be in any of offshore oil rigs requests and Services in Mediterranean and Red Sea area accordance with the conditions and specifications, and we also working on crew helping and transportation from and to offshore oil Rigs.

Our company established in 1980 and we starting working on offshore rigs services and established our first supplier boat in 1996.


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Suppliers Boats

Services Boats

Safety Equipment Supply And Instruments.